Complete guide to Greyhound Racing UK

We’re gathering together everything you could possibly want to know about greyhound racing UK here in one place including:

Information on greyhound stadiums throughout UK

You’ll be able to find out everything you need to know including, entry dates and entrance fees, where the stadium is and how to get there, the size and facilities of the track and a few photos to give you a real feel for the place. We’d love to have some feedback after your night out so there’s also a comment box for you to get in touch and let us know how you enjoyed your night at the dogs!

How to bet on a night out at the dogs

A quick guide on how to enjoy your night out with a little flutter on the dogs! Very straight forward and easy once you know how. If you do a little swotting before the night it can make the whole experience that much better. If you want to plan ahead you can always take advantage by using an offer for free betting.

Greyhound racing results

Whilst we don’t publish race results on this site, we’ll provide links to some of the best sites giving you the latest and up to date greyhound racing data.Greyhound Racing

Latest news

All the latest chat on what’s happening in the world of greyhound racing and if you’d like to add your bit we’d love to hear!

Have a great time, enjoy your night out at the dogs and good luck!!